Dining Hall Construction Update

The Vision Becomes Reality

After many years we have broken ground on the Promise Camp & Retreat Center dining hall. The new dining hall will provide a state of the art kitchen and seating for 200. It will have a cozy feel with a large fireplace, exposed wooden beams and a stage for presentations. This new dining hall brings our property to the next level in service to vulnerable kids and off season retreat center groups by proving a year-round destination. We are in the process of partnering with a Pittsburgh catering kitchen to provide excellent cost-effective meal plans for group rentals as well as summer campers. We have a completion date of March, 2015. We are very thankful to all the donors who made this project possible.

On Site with Brett Probert

A Solid Foundation

As I write this, I’m gazing through the fog at the early morning progress taking place on our dining hall construction. Although there have been some bumps in the road leading up to this point, we are so thankful for the reality of this much needed facility as it takes shape. The construction is right on schedule and we are expecting to be handed the keys in early Spring of 2015! The foundation is complete and much of the site work is done as well. The plumbers and electricians are running all the piping and conduits for the under floor utilities and then the concrete floor will be poured. That will happen around the first on November, then the walls and roof can start to be erected. We anticipate that the building will be completely closed in by early December and we praise God for the timing of this as we have successfully avoided weather related construction delays!

Excitement All Around

The main reason why we’re so excited for this is the campers! For many years, they have endured a sweltering hot, very cramped dining hall with crooked floors and no bathrooms! Now we’ll be able to more fully enjoy our family style meals in a spacious modern environment where we can show them how much they are loved and valued. Many of our return campers have been asking about when the dining hall will be built and they are going to be stoked to see it when the bus pulls up next summer! Our summer staff is pretty excited too…now they’ll be able to have enough space to attend to the needs of their campers during the craziness that is meal times at Promise Camp! Our increasing number of retreat groups are very excited too. In fact, we just had a college retreat group from California University a few weekends ago and they stated that they are very excited to come back next year and have food service because they don’t enjoy cooking their own meals! With this new dining hall, we can let our many groups focus on their getaway needs and not be burdened with the time consuming tasks of food service.

We are Grateful

We are very grateful to the many faithful donors who have made this happen. We hope that you’ll be able to see the smiles on the childrens’ faces for many years to come and join us in thanking God for the opportunity to serve them in such meaningful ways!

For questions or to reserve the camp, please contact:

Brett Probert, Camp Director
412-741-8550 ext 113

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