Praying for a Mentor

By Doug Hughes, Mentoring Supervisor

In October of 2013, Family Guidance staff interviewed Briez, an eager and outgoing 8-year-old boy in the Pittsburgh area who loved to play sports. At the time, there wasn’t a mentor who fit Briez according to our thorough match criteria such as interests, age, or geographical location, so our staff placed him on the waiting list. Briez’s sister was also placed on the waiting list for a mentor, but was matched within a year. At 8 years old, Briez was active and outgoing, but he was also patient and didn’t give up hope.

Briez really is a good kid and makes my role as a mentor pretty easy.

After four long years, Briez’s waiting and determination paid off. The mentoring team kept in contact with Briez and his mom throughout his wait, hoping and praying that the perfect mentor would come along. Our mentoring program typically has a waiting list of around 100 kids, and it’s never easy putting those eager and hopeful mentees on hold, but we know that everything happens in God’s perfect timing. When we wait upon God for Him to say it’s time, we always get His best. Briez received just that, the best mentor for him. We didn’t see it happening, but over time, God was preparing Seth to become Briez’s mentor.

When I made the initial call to Briez’s mom to tell her that I had a potential mentor for her son, I could hear the joy in her voice. I went to visit Briez and his mom, and after talking with them, I knew that Seth and Briez would be a great match. After the match was officially made and Briez finally met his mentor, I looked over at his mom and saw the biggest smile and tears of joy running down her face. After four years of patiently waiting, Briez finally received his mentor. A prayer, four years in the making, ANSWERED! To quote Seth, “Briez really is a good kid and makes my role as a mentor pretty easy.”

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