A Counselor’s Story

Light it Up
Tee-Shirt Friday

It was one of those crazy, busy Friday mornings. Our campers were trying to shower and get ready for breakfast, but the air tingled with anticipation of the trip home. A few of our campers were finishing up decorating their tee-shirts that we did for crafts that week. I sat down with a few of them at a craft table and started decorating one of my own.

Light It Up

Since our theme this summer was “Light It Up!” I started tracing out light bulbs onto my shirt, and the girls crowded around to see what I was doing. I handed two of our girls sharpies and offered for them to decorate my shirt with me. They started drawing stars, stripes, and coloring my tee-shirt techno-colors.

We Love You, Dad

Then, I noticed that Myriah had written her name and another name I didn’t recognize on my shirt. “Who is Ashley, Myriah?” I asked. “It’s my sister. I’m going to go home and tell her about the Light, we heard about here at camp.” She replied. “And who is the light?” I asked. She pointed down to the light bulbs she had just connected together with a line. “See how all the light bulbs are connected? It’s like us. We’re all connected together because we have the light. God lights us up. See how I wrote God on top?” I did see. There on my tee-shirt were three light bulbs. They were all connected by a squiggly line and all were connected to one word, “God.” Then on top of this whole design were the words, “We love you, Dad.” She pointed to those words next. “See God is our Father, and he loves us a whole lot. He is never going to leave us.”

Unexpected Gift

With that statement of pure wisdom, Myriah jumped away to go take her shower. What she didn’t realize was that she had given me a gift that Friday morning. I knew that our little girl completely understood what we had been teaching during our camping season. She knew that God was our light, and that he binds us all together.

Our kids have now gone home to their neighborhoods, but God is still lighting them up no matter where they are.


The program at Promise Camp is designed specifically to minister to the needs of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. For most, it is the first time away from home, and many children find Christ each summer at camp. Your gifts help to make that happen!

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