Learning to Love

Dignity Restored
A Self-Made Woman

Clara put herself through nursing school and then through law school. She was a very strong personality and extremely type A. Mentoring broke her of that when she entered a 10 year old’s world of poverty and abuse.

A Wounded Child

When she was matched with Clara, Ten-year-old Tina had recently experienced a severe trauma and had more on her young shoulders than any child should bear. As a mentor, Clara had to learn patience and that she could not control outcomes and results – only God could do that. All she could do was walk alongside this young girl and be a friend through the pain and healing.

Bonding through the Simple Things

They have done everything from neighborhood walks, making dinners together, going to laundry mats, to Steeler preseason games, movies, zoo, and a trip to New York City. Throughout their anniversary dinners, Tina has said about her mentor “I love everything about her. When I am down she makes me laugh.” And Clara says of Tina, “I look forward to our time. Tina reminds me to how to love everywhere!”


When Tina graduated from high school, she had been mentored by Clara for an amazing eight years. Tina is now in Chef’s School following her passions and her dreams. Clara and Tina are no longer mentor and mentee, but good friends for life, forever bound by the love of Christ.


Kids mentored for at least 1 year are 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs. This is just one of the many positive benefits of mentoring. The average One2One match is 3.8 years – more than 3 times the national average. Your support helps us to provide a godly mentor to the more than 200 at-risk children on our waiting list. Children just like Tina

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