An Afternoon at the Movies

My name is Simone
Making your ear attentive to wisdom
and inclining your heart to understanding;

– Proverbs 2:2

A Special Report

Family Guidance mentors are expected to spend time each week with their mentees and then to send their Mentoring Supervisors a brief description of how the time was spent. Most of the reports detail the day to day activities: had lunch…talked about school…talked about boys…made cookies…played some hoops – pretty normal activities and issues. But every once in a while a “regular” outing turns into so much more.

“Shawn and I had lunch at Wendy’s and were going to go back to my house to spend some time with my family. But Shawn asked if it would be okay to go to Walmart on the way so he could look at some art supplies. On the way to Walmart we drove by the Waterworks Cinemas, and saw that the movie “Race” – the story of Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympics – was playing. Shawn said he’d really like to see that movie, so we stopped to see when the next showing was. It worked out that we could go after shopping at Walmart.

“The movie was terrific and gave us a chance to talk about racism. Shawn said he had never experienced racial discrimination – for which we are both thankful. But the events in the film gave me an opportunity to tell him a little about the history of Germany and World War II. This eventually led to us talking about the Civil Rights movement here in the U.S. When I asked Shawn what he knew about it and specifically about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, he said he recognized those names. It was so interesting to hear his understanding of the people and times so many years before he was even born.”

A Special Blessing

We believe that every meeting between mentors and their mentees is important, and we thank God for the times they spend together. Grabbing a burger, shopping, and going to a movie might not have necessarily been any more than just time-filling activities. But with God’s leading and the sensitivity of a discerning mentor, any given meeting can turn into a special blessing for all of us.


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