LAMP (Learning and Mentoring Program) is a partnership between Pittsburgh Public Schools, Family Guidance, Inc. and local urban and suburban churches. LAMP serves the youth attending area schools and the community through mentoring.

The primary goal of LAMP is to mentor the children who are most at-risk of becoming involved in gang-related activities before they are drawn into that lifestyle. LAMP students are chosen for the program based on specific academic criteria and family dynamics. Participating church congregations will supply volunteer mentors, who will be trained and matched by Family Guidance. Churches will be equipped and supported to operate the program. Through LAMP, kids will have a new friend who gives them undivided attention. They will have someone to talk to, someone to help them with their homework, someone to involve them in positive activities in their neighborhood and around the city. They will find the acceptance and belonging they desire, but in an encouraging environment that offers hope for a bright future.

If you would like more information about LAMP, or believe your church may have a vision to serve in this capacity, please contact the Mentoring Department at 412-741-8550.

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