Leo Wisniewski

Leo enjoys time with his young mentee!
A Lesson in Manhhood

But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness
– 1 Timothy 6:11

Leo used to be a professional football player with the Colts and now coaches college football and works with a men’s discipleship ministry called “White Fields”. His passion is seeing all men live to their God given potential. Last year, a young man was struggling and failed to show up to meet his former mentor. He was crushed when this mentor gave up on him as so many other adults had done and left. Leo had heard about this young man and wanted to meet him – not so Leo could check out the mentee to see if he would be the “right” child for him, but to let the mentee decide if Leo would be the kind of mentor he wanted. When he walked through his door with mutual respect, the match became a success.

Leo and his mentee recently went to a Modern Day Knights Campout with 40 other men and boys. Part of the weekend was a time for the men to speak a blessing over the boys holding the Knight’s sword together. The young men took on several manhood tests including: canoeing, rock wall climbing, a great Zip Line, and morning workouts.

Young boys need the example of godly men in their lives to teach, bless and support them as they journey into manhood. Your support of our mentoring programs helps to give precious children the hope of a future in Christ.

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