Nancy Matthews

Nancy Matthews
Matches Made in Heaven

-Kathy Huffner, Mentoring Supervisor

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11

On May 22, 2006 the most unlikely pair were brought together as a new mentoring match in the Family Guidance “One to One” Mentoring Program.  A flamboyant larger than life Realtor, Nancy Matthews, who liked the symphony, bridge and shopping and  ten year old girl named Jasmine who liked biking, gymnastics and roller skating.  It was an unlikely match from the beginning but God knew that Nancy would take Jasmine to Mt. Washington to experience the dinner of a lifetime and in return Jasmine would take Nancy tubing at Wildwood Highlands. 

Recently, when we were celebrating Nancy and Jasmine’s 7 year anniversary with Family Guidance, I asked Jasmine what she had learned from her mentor.  In addition to learning that the love of God had no boundaries, she said she also learned  how to talk to people and use eye contact.  How do you put a price tag on that?  How do you measure that on a “success” scale?  It’s priceless.  Nancy would tell you that she is the one who has truly been blessed by her mentee because at 17 Jasmine not only teaches her how to use her phone, she is also a fashionista and helps Nancy pick out all her clothes!  Below is the story of their latest outing.

Nancy & Jasmine at the Polo Match!
Glad as a Hatter!

In a recent email from Nancy, she shares one her latest adventures with Jasmine::

"Jasmine and I had a wonderful time at the Polo Match sponsored by Family House at Hartwood Acres.  I made a big deal about Jasmine wearing a hat to the event.  I told her that approximately 40 to 50% of the women would be wearing hats and they were!  I bought her lunch from Donoto’s Restaurant, in the tent, and it only costs $5,00, it was great eating.  Next, we strutted around the event and then sat down to watch the Polo Match.  It was exciting.  She  liked it so well that she videoed it on my Iphone!  The intermission was the Horse man with his hounds. There were about 50 dogs running around on the field.  She said she never saw anything like this.  That is why I took her.  It was very classy and posh and good for her to see there are all kinds of interesting people and things to do. 

Thank you very much for the tickets.  We appreciated the opportunity and thanks very much to the sponsors of Tickets for Kids."

Mentor stories like this abound in a ministry that has been matching at-risk kids with Christian mentors for over 49 years. Your support of Family Guidance enables us to continue to impact young lives like Jasmine

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