Schawn Conners

Schawn Conners
Giving Thanks for Amazing Blessings

As a single mom, I can only do so much,” remarked Seretha Matthews, the mother of Jamar Brown, a fifteen year-old Family Guidance mentee. Six years ago, Jamar got his mentor, Schawn Conner, a husband and a father of three. This October, Jamar, Schawn, and their families gathered to share their story on a new film about the work of Family Guidance. Schawn and his wife, Lisa, first heard about the Mentoring Program from watching a video at Northway Church. Lisa said, “I felt that tug on my heart.” It was that tug that led her and her family to Jamar. They felt called by God to get involved.

For Jamar, a mentor was exactly what he wanted. His brother had one and he wanted one, too. With a smile, he reflected, “I kept telling my mom I wanted a mentor. She said I might need to wait until I was a little older and I finally got one!”

Mentoring does not happen without some interesting challenges. Schawn and Lisa told of a time when they considered ending their mentoring commitment. It wasn’t anything about Jamar, but they were struggling to keep a balance with family, work, and service. They were not seeing Jamar enough. “We started to believe we were doing him a disservice.”

The Conner family sat down to pray together about this dilemma. All of their children started to cry. As a family they realized they couldn’t quit. They couldn’t imagine their lives without Jamar, so they joyfully continued onward working out the details, and treasuring their common life.

Read the rest of the story in our Fall 2013 Newsletter!

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