Mentoring FAQ

A mentor is an individual who supports another’s endeavors, not explicitly to change that person’s behavior or character.

A Mentor is a Guide who helps the young person through what they’ve learned through life and experience. These experiences can be extremely important to someone who had not gone through some of life’s struggles and can be equally important to someone who has gone through difficult times and wants to avoid those experiences again.

A Mentor is a Model who does not portray a flawless life, which is unrealistic.

A Mentor is Accepting and creates a safe place for the child to be themself. Allowing their mentee to express their true feelings and experiment if needed. The child will feel free to grow when they experience respect from an adult who supports their search to grow and develop into the potential God has created within them. Understanding and love are keys to acceptance.

A Mentor is a Friend. What are the qualities of a true friend? Someone that listens, cares about you, enjoys spending time together and looks forward to being together.
You need to be at least 19 years of age. You must have regular transportation. You must be a regular attender or member of a home church for at least one year.
The mentoring relationship benefits both the mentor and mentee. The one-to-one relationship with a caring and stable adult can make a significant difference in the life of a vulnerable child. Measurable benefits to mentored youth include:
  1. Providing affirmation and support
  2. Helping youth cope with difficult circumstances
  3. Exposure to a new world of information and opportunities
  4. Improved academic performance and behavior resulting in a significant decrease in the dropout rate, and an increase in college attendance
  5. Improved relationships with family and friends
Our mentors say that the blessings they receive far outweigh any efforts they put forth. Some of the benefits of being a mentor are:
  1. Fulfillment by being obedient to God’s call
  2. A sense of adventure of watching God’s hand at work in the relationship
  3. Enduring investments as they see the life of their mentee changed now and for eternity
  4. Spiritual Growth – being transformed into the image of Christ
  5. Fun – as they get to learn and experience new activities with their new friend
A mentee is a boy or girl between ages 7-18 who needs a friend, a positive role model, and an encourager. Our mentees live in the five-county area and come from all different backgrounds and socio-economic groups.
Mentees are referred by parents, guardians, teachers, counselors and social service agencies.
A “match” is a carefully screened and prayerfully chosen pairing of a mentor and mentee. They must have similar interests and a geographical proximity. At Family Guidance, our match duration is 3 times the national average.
Relationships take TIME! 3-4 hours each week, for the first year is the minimum.
Family Guidance suggests little to no cost activities (for suggested activities, click here). We partner with the Tickets for Kids Charity and often can provide tickets free of charge to major events.

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