Mentoring Partners

Setting the Foundation for Growth

Family Guidance has always taken safety seriously

Ensuring the safety of children is fundamental to the mission of Family Guidance. For more than 50 years, we have conducted thorough background checks on every mentor and every match is regularly reviewed by a trained Mentoring Supervisor.

Accredited with CAYM

In 2014 Family Guidance went through the rigorous process of becoming nationally accredited under the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring – CAYM. CAYM sets national best practice standards and policies for mentoring programs. This is exciting and continues to add to the excellence of the Family Guidance mentoring to kids in Pittsburgh. On January 1, 2015 we received our official notice of full accreditation with CAYM. Read the official press release.

Enhanced background checks take safety to the Next Level

Family Guidance has recently partnered with CSI – Corporate Security and Investigations – to provide more complete background investigations to include not only child abuse and criminal history clearances, but also the essential discoveries in civil matters, such as protection-from-abuse orders and more. CSI also does national offender checks, driver histories and address verification.

The Right Tools = A More Effective Mentoring Staff

Family Guidance in partnership with EWebLife has recently launched a cloud-based mentoring software application. The nationally recognized EwebLife database will allow the mentoring team to track much needed data for use in reports, grants and better help us analyze our impact on the Pittsburgh region.This uniquely designed software is a key to delivering strong, safe and effective mentorship.

  1. Tracks and assists in the matching of mentors with mentees that are most likely to work
  2. Streamlines and automates communication between mentors and their supervisors
  3. Allows One2One mentors to easily report all activity that is taking place from their phone or computer
  4. Gives a greater sense of accountability for all those involved with the program

Both these enhancements are setting the foundation for growth.

For more information, please contact the Mentoring Department at 412-741-8550.

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