The Impact of Mentoring

The One2One Program, Pittsburgh’s first youth mentoring program, is a vital force that is reclaiming young lives. After a multi-year study, One2One was recently acclaimed the nation’s premier mentoring ministry.

Mentors love the hands-on opportunity to shape a young life, to make a profound difference in a one-child-sized mission field.

One2One provides community volunteers with the support they need to be effective in working with an at-risk child, and our mentors maintain a vital friendship with their mentees nearly three times as long as the national average. A recent survey of parents whose kids are in One2One showed an astounding 100% claimed their satisfaction with the mentoring services and the achievement of their child’s goals in the program. Parents reported that their children had become more self-confident (85%) and were better behaved (87%) since entering the program.

Our mentors:
  • Offer mature guidance and role modeling as children make decisions that will steer the remainder of their lives
  • Impart life skills and relationship-building skills that help prepare our kids to function positively as citizens in society
  • Provide over 200 hours per year in “developing friendship,” a highly effective form of education, to children hungry for relationships and attention
An independent study by P/P Ventures confirms that children mentored for at least one year are:
  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 50% fewer school days skipped
  • 33% less likely to hit someone
  • More confident in their school performance
  • Better able to relate to parents and peers

To find out how you can become a mentor or for more information about the One-to-One Program, contact:
the Mentoring Department at 412-741-8550

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