Transforming the lives of youth in historically underserved neighborhoods through intentional relationships and the promise of Jesus Christ.


our vision

Mentor relationships and camping experiences spark faith in Jesus Christ, ignite hope for vibrant futures, and guide youth towards the unconditional love of God for the flourishing of the family.

becoming a family

In the early 1960s, and after years serving Youth for Christ, Jim Leckie was inspired to reach out to children from some of the most underserved neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh region to bring them hope through Jesus Christ. Along with the endorsement of Judge Maurice Cohill, Jr., known as “a champion for children”, of the Juvenile Court of Allegheny County, Youth Guidance was established in 1964.

In 2000, Youth Guidance merged with another organization called Family Ministries, a respected ministry to men and married couples to become Family Guidance.

Now, Family Guidance has re-focused our mission back to our two original programs—one2one Mentoring and Promise Camp.

march 2022 - girls

who we serve

Children ages 7-17

needs of children

We come alongside children who are experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (or ACEs) as outlined by a 1995 study done by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente. 

 ACEs include:

Easy access to drugs and alcohol

unstable housing

food insecurity

single parent household

Living in a neighborhood with high crime and gang violence

Having an incarcerated family member


our dedication

This study shows that children with four or more ACEs are four times more likely to become depressed and 12 times more likely to consider taking their own life.

At Family Guidance, our children have an average of five ACEs.
But, these are children of promise!

We seek to make a transformational and life-long impact on their lives through our one2one Mentoring Program and Promise Camp.

Our dedicated staff, mentors, and volunteers are devoting their time to come alongside these children to show them that they are seen, loved, and affirmed by who they are right now. And that Jesus loves them, died for them, and He has gifted them.

financial stewardship

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